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  • Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs

    This course will show you how to think creatively as an entrepreneur.

    Specifically, it will cover:

    Flexibility for Entrepreneurs
    Creativity for Entrepreneurs

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  • Leadership and Planning for Entrepreneurs

    This course will teach you leadership and planning skills for entrepreneurs.

    Sample topics will include:

    Entrepreneurial leadership in action
    How can you develop entrepreneurial leadership skills
    What are the steps…

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  • Plan and launch your business

    This course will show you how to plan and launch your business. Specifically, it will discuss:

    Brainstorming business ideas
    Performing in-depth research and analysis
    Developing a business plan

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  • Start Your Business

    This course will teach you how to start a business.

    Specifically it will show you how to:

    Plan the business
    Fund the business
    Launch the business

    You will also receive a…

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  • The Entrepreneur’s Mini-MBA (Course and Coaching)

    Inside the Entrepreneur’s Mini-MBA, you will enhance your leadership, financial and marketing management skills and finally become the savvy entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be through your…

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