The Entrepreneur’s Mini-MBA (Course and Coaching)


The program is geared toward entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, who are looking for instructional, practical real-world learning as well as interactive sessions with fellow members. This program will prepare you to make progress on your journey and prepare you to create your pitch to raise funding.


  • Led by Entrepreneurs: Learn from experienced entrepreneurs so that you can avoid some of the mistakes on your entrepreneur journey. This is why we call this For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs!
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from faculty members who have coached hundreds of students many of whom have gone on to start successful companies.
  • Network: Network with fellow entrepreneurs and members of the Kleos ecosystem.
  • Seek solutions: Bring your business problems and get answers from the Kleos faculty.
  • Propel Entrepreneurial Growth: Learn about tools, techniques, methodology, and guidance needed to propel entrepreneurial growth.
  • Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate of completion from Kleos Academy.

Program Details

Date: May 2023 to August 2023

Format: Virtual self- study and 8 instructor-led feedback sessions

Asynchronous learning: Participants are expected to complete the self-study module and self-paced assignments for each instructor-led virtual session.


  • Diagnose the Case for Your Business
  • Define a Strong Business Vision
  • Sell Your Brand Story
  • Engage Key Stakeholders
  • Connect with Your Customers
  • Manage Your Human Resources
  • Manage Your Financial Resources


Being a part of your program has changed the game for me completely in terms of my approach to my company and its sustainability. I’m glad I trusted my guts to apply for your program. Thanks so much, Kleos! Aisha Bubah, CEO The Sunshine Series

Thank you Kleos for this opportunity to improve my entrepreneurship skills … I am so glad I pushed myself to complete the training program as I can already see the impact on my business. I feel more confident now in operating on a global scale: Joan Mbogu, CEO Joanswood Creation

This has been a learning journey for me and I gained new knowledge and skills that will benefit my business and help reposition us for growth and profitability. I want to say thanks to Kleos for this humbling opportunity for me to learn and increase my capacity. Thanks to Coach Glory who has helped in the feedback sessions on assignments and given valuable corrections. I have increased in knowledge and capacity since I began this mini-MBA program and took the Kleos Academy courses. I have gotten the 8 Habits I need to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s been an awesome journey! Thank you, thank you, and thank you: Alero Thompson, CEO Bluesands Academy


Contact us

For any questions regarding the program, please email glory.enyinnaya(at)kleosafrica.com


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